ATi ROAMS Powerful Reports

Using our Approved & Certified downloading engine, ATi ROAMS pulls from YOUR DMS into our secure server, learns how your operation works and then puts that knowledge into the following reports.
Click on ANY of the reports to see a sample of the incredibly powerful information you could have too!
#1 Summary Report  Get a quick glance at the state of your operation.  See More »
#2 Summary Trend  Get a quick glance: is your operation trending toward improvement or away from it?  See More »
#3 Model Year Mix Trend  Gauge where you can find new sales customers without having to spend big dollars.  See More »
#4 Key Performance Indicators  This Report is the HEART of ATi ROAMS.  See More »
#5 KPI Trend Analysis  The Extremely Powerful KPI Report, month over month.  See More »
#6 Comparative KPI  The Extremely Powerful KPI Report with your Advisors or Techs, side-by-side.  See More »
#7 Daily KPI  The Extremely Powerful KPI Report with each day of the month, side-by-side.  See More »
#8 Menu Detail Audit  This report measures every single Menu opportunity against YOUR Maintenance Menu.  See More »
#9 Menu Labor & Parts Detail  Take the Power of Report 8 one step further.  See More »
#10 Major Interval Audit  Focus on the Major Maintenance Intervals with each advisor, side-by-side.  See More »
#11 Major Interval Analysis Trend  See whether you are improving your Major Maintenance Interval Sales.  See More »
#12 Effective Labor Rate Grid Audit  See line-by-line where PROFIT is LEAKING out of your Service Operation.  See More »
#13 Labor Grid Back Testing Analysis  Shows the impact a New Labor Rate/New Labor Grid has on your business.  See More »
#14 FDCI Audit  Summary of Repair Orders with or without Inspection performed and the results.  See More »
#15 LOTT for Grid Penetration  Labor dollars left on the table by Advisors in terms of correct Labor Rate usage.  See More »
#16 LOTT Calculation for Grid Penetration Trend  Maintaining of Labor Rate, month-over-month.  See More »
#17 FRH Frequency  Create an effective Grid or Labor Matrix or Variable Labor Rate with this report.  See More »
#18 Repair Order History  Line-by-line per RO information in one clean report.  See More »
#19 Advanced Zip/Postal Code Analysis  Target those who need your services by Zip/Postal Codes, etc.  See More »
#20 Daily Report Order Count  Sometimes all you need is a daily count.  See More »
#21 FDCI Upsold FRH VS. Total FRH  %/actual hours an Advisor/Tech upsold relative to Total Flat Rate Hours Sold.  See More »
#22 FDCI Upsold FRH VS. Total FRH Trend  Report 21, shown month-by-month.  See More »
#24 Rep Factor/Disclaimer Trend Analysis  The % and actual data that CP represents of your overall work mix.  See More »
#25 RO's by FRH Frequency  Want to see every RO listed in order, by Advisor/Tech, by the FRH Interval?  See More »
#26 Gross Profit per CP-RO Analysis  Side-by-side comparison of Advisors/Techs: labor, parts & total gross profit.  See More »
#27 Gross Profit per CP-RO Analysis Trend  Gross Detail month-over month by Advisor, Tech or Location.  See More »
#28 Critical Mass  An incredible report to coach your advisors.  See More »
#29 Critical Mass Trend  Gross Detail month-over month by Advisor, Tech or Location.  See More »
#30 Critical Mass Comparative  Report 29 shown with the advisors side-by-side, month-over-month.  See More »
#31 Labor Operations Audit Report  See your ELR on a Per Labor-Op basis and more.  See More »
#32 Management Activity Analysis  Know which reports your Managers are spending their time on.  See More »
#33 Target Marketing PRO  A comprehensive customer list.  See More »
#34 CP, Internal & Warranty Analysis  This powerful report is like 5 DMS generated reports ALL in ONE!  See More »
#35 KPI Ranking (Straight Calculation)  Ranking of Advisors/Techs/Groups/Shops by Gross, Labor, Parts Sales...  See More »
#36 Service Consultant Sales Incentive Tracking  Advisor performance within various Op Code Groups and more...  See More »
#37 Executive Summary Report  Summary by Advisor, Tech, or Location on Key performance indicators.  See More »

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