ATi ROAMS is a POWERFUL Fixed Operations Net Profit Improvement MICROSCOPE!

As in any sport, the Coach is responsible for improving the performance of their team, which means improving the areas of opportunity within each player. In baseball, the Coach cannot help improve a players' hitting without knowing the detailed facts. Simply knowing the batting average doesn't give a coach the knowledge of where a player can IMPROVE their average, it is just an overview. A True Coach would never say: "Get more Hits" - A TRUE Coach - COACHES his players on how!!

ATi ROAMS is the tool that for Service Managers, is all of the specific information - it provides you with the knowledge, and better still - it gives you a lot of the HOW too!

ATi ROAMS is the TOOL you need if you truly expect to able to Coach your Advisors and Technicians to achieving the improved performance you need to make the most of all the pitches you get.

This powerful web-based technology program seamlessly downloads Customer Pay, Warranty and Internal Repair Orders from your Dealer Management System (DMS).

It then performs a 72-point detailed analysis of hundreds or thousands of Repair Orders in mere seconds. Next it archives the data for individual Service Consultant, Technician and Total Shop performance analysis. These are not Op-code counts - ATi ROAMS actually reads the complaint, cause and correction lines, it reads the labor sale lines, the flat rate times, the parts, everything!

It's a detailed report on how many inside curveballs, outside curveballs, high fastballs, the speed of every pitch your TEAM faced, and you could look at that same information on an individual Technician basis, individual Advisor basis or if you are responsible for more than one team, you can see all of that same information on a team by team (Store by Store) basis too!

ATi ROAMS is simply the MOST Powerful Tool a Service Manager/Director could have and not only is it powerful, it is easy to use, web-based, so you can access it from anywhere.

ATi ROAMS converts Customer Pay Gross profit dollars into Key Performance Indicators like:


  • Number of Effective Labor Rate Improvement Opportunities
  • Each line where Matrix labor rate was and wasn't used and how many dollars were left on the table because of it
  • TRUE 1 Item CP RO's (not one Line, ONE ITEM)
  • Menu Penetration Opportunities VS Closes, and not just Mileage opportunities, a true measurement comparison against YOUR Menu!
  • How Many Flat Rate Hours Left-On-The-Table
  • How many Multi-Point Inspection opportunities missed and how many dollars missed because of it


WANT to SEE some of these reports?

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